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The excitement of buying a new car is often dulled by the feeling of fear and / or dislike most people have about going to a dealership to get it. The reasons for this are well-founded, especially if you walk into the dealership unprepared.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much time or effort to gather the information and resources needed to be able to negotiate a great deal on a new vehicle. A few hours on the internet is all it takes to potentially save yourself thousands of dollars.

Before you overpay for an extended warranty with limited coverage from the dealer, check out some of the advantages North East North Automotive has to offer –

Instant Coverage
North East North Automotive warranty inspectors come to your location, at your convenience, to review the vehicle. The CARCHEX inspection is your key to coverage with no exclusions almost instantly.

Great Pricing
Dealers offer no choice, no negotiating and lots of pressure when it comes to extended warranties. We delivers better, more comprehensive coverage for at least 50% less than what you’d pay at the dealer!

Plus a 100% Money-back Guarantee*